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Our Property Management

The goal of our Property Management Division is to alleviate the worries of maintaining, repairing and updating your home.  Through our custom service solutions, we hope to relieve these burdens and enable you to spend more productive time taking care of what’s important in your life.  Whether it’s spending time with family and friends or spending downtime at the beach or golf course, our property services division will make sure that the needs of your home are addressed.

Our Property Management services are available to not only our building clients, but anyone who may need assistance in mitigating the stress of being a homeowner.  With a variety of solutions from a call by call basis, to managing your seasonal preparations, to taking advantage of our full estate concierge service, Trevor Parks Construction Property Management Division is prepared to take care of your needs and help you free up your time for yourself.


House cleaning
Pool management
Preventative maintenance
Utility & appliance service


Off-Season caretaking

Seasonal preparations (Winterization & De-Winterization)
Scheduled home inspections
Weather related upkeep

Maintain primary home for long-term travel


Asset & vehicle management
Annual property audit

Energy efficiency conversion
Supervision of service provider appointments

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